The Start

Hoosier Freight and Warehousing’s story began in 2013 with founders Walt Smith and Roger Crowder. Prior to Hoosier Freight, Walt and Roger opened Indy Hanger and Supply, a national leader in galvanized steel clothes hanger manufacturing. Throughout the hanger manufacturing process, the founders began looking to bring their supply-chain process full circle by transporting galvanized steel wire themselves – this venture led to the creation of Hoosier Freight and Warehousing.

The Scale

Starting with only two tractors and four trailers, Hoosier Freight supplied Indy Hanger with manufacturing materials from Peoria, IL to Indianapolis, IN. As demand grew in the logistics, Hoosier Freight landed a deal with a stereo equipment company in 2016, successfully transporting and storing their products alongside Indy Hanger’s completed products. After growth through the aforementioned projects and running DAT freight, Hoosier Freight obtained a partnership with CH Robinson, allowing for not only transportation growth, but warehouse space growth as well. By 2017, Hoosier Freight was operating out of their own space and taking on new projects, finding new ways to re-shape the reverse logistics business. Through continued partnerships, special projects, and excellent customer service, Hoosier Freight branched out from reverse logistics and Indiana, opening a facility in Las Vegas, NV.

Hoosier Freight and Warehousing Today

In 2021, Hoosier Freight grew to new heights under the leadership of CEO, Steve Browning; bringing over twenty years of high-value pharmaceutical logistics experience from Eli Lilly and Company and Elanco Animal Health, Steve took Hoosier Freight down the path of obtaining all-important certifications, such as AIB food-grade safety, and utilizing technology to drive business development. Now, with nearly one-million square feet of warehouse space and an expanding fleet of tractors and trailers, Hoosier Freight has positioned itself as an upcoming leader in the 3PL market, leveraging technology and extraordinary customer service to create customized solutions for nearly any logistics need. As we start a new chapter of our journey, we look forward to including you on the next page.

+ Vision

Hoosier Freight’s mission is to be a strategic partner, delivering customized innovative solutions through a constant pursuit of excellence. Our commitment is to optimize our partners’ supply chain needs, driving growth and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Our vision is to be the undisputed leader in third-party logistics, known for our unwavering dedication to innovation, reliability, and value creation.

Hoosier Freight & Warehousing

Our Values

We believe our success
is your success.


We believe people should be the center of everything we do. Both customers and staff alike, partnering with the right people is what enables success – everything else is just logistics. Together, we’ll drive your business forward, delivering growth, efficiency, and peace of mind.


Reliability must be in our DNA in order to provide the best service for our customers, it is core to how we operate internally and externally. We expect our team to be able to count on one another just as our customers are able to count on us.

Cost Innovation

As our world becomes more expensive to operate within, it’s important to us that we continue to find innovative ways to save our customers and partners money so they can continue to grow their businesses and serve their customers.

Exceptional Service

Great service can be hard to come by, but we hold ourselves to a high standard to deliver exceptional service consistently for our partners. It’s an honor to be trusted with their business and we are committed to serving them each and every time. 

The Hoosier Team

Your Logistics Experts, Your Partners in Success.

Steve Browning

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Dovin​

Vice President, Business Development

Gavin Marshall​

Director, Information Technology

Jonathan Atenco​

Director, Operations

Abbey Kennelly

Director, Finance

Greg Paul

Dispatcher, Transportation

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