What is ReCommerce?

ReCommerce strategically reintroduces products into the supply chain, offering a sustainable solution for returned, discontinued, or excess inventory.

This approach optimizes efficiency, minimizes waste, and promotes sustainability through the reuse and recycling of goods. Utilizing online platforms, ReCommerce establishes a structured process for the resale of pre-owned items, contributing to a circular economy and aligning with environmentally conscious practices. This method not only mitigates environmental impact but also supports a resource-efficient and responsible approach to consumption, providing both economic and ecological benefits.

ReCommerce the Hoosier Way

Hoosier Freight and Warehousing’s ReCommerce Logistics services emphasize transparency, efficiency, and using data to get the most return for your investment. We streamline the process by using our proprietary software, HULA, to provide detailed product information, a master manifest, and pricing recommendations for you to resell at the best price point.

Introducing HULA

Hoosier Freight and Warehousing has developed the ultimate solution for optimizing your reverse logistics operations. With HULA, the manual process of manifesting pallets and products becomes streamlined, enabling data driven decisions on how to get the most return out of your ReCommerce investments. 


Our ReCommerce Process


Receive bulk pallets of returned product or overstocked products

Wrap + Snap

Repackage the pallets and capture new photos of the pallets for purchase

Sort + Segregate

Sort and segregate into buying categories that make sense for resell

Export + Share

Export + share manifest with auction company to resell product

Manifest via HULA

Inventory products using our proprietary HULA system


Load up the sold pallets and deliver them to their purchaser

ReCommerce Impact

Hoosier Freight and Warehousing is dedicated to positively impacting the environment, economy, and enterprises through our ReCommerce services.


Curbing waste and dampening the demand for new production ReCommerce positively impacts the environment. By championing the reuse of products, it effectively extends their lifespan, which decreases the ecological output with continual manufacturing. This sustainable practice plays a pivotal role in fostering a circular economy, promoting resource efficiency, and combatting environmental degradation.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


By establishing a robust market for pre-owned goods and fostering commercial growth, Recommerce actively stimulates economic activity. This approach not only provides consumers with affordable alternatives, redirecting spending patterns, but also contributes to a more dynamic and sustainable economic landscape. ReCommerce also plays a role in job creation, spanning various sectors such as logistics, refurbishment, and online platforms, thereby enhancing economic resilience and diversification.


ReCommerce brings positive impacts to businesses by unlocking new revenue streams through the resale of returned or excess inventory. It enhances brand sustainability, fostering customer loyalty through eco-friendly and cost effective practices. Participation in the ReCommerce market also allows businesses of all sizes to adapt to consumer preferences for sustainable and budget-friendly choices, ensuring ongoing relevance in the market.

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